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Capabilities Overview

Material Capabilities

At Clark Metal Products, we work primarily with cold rolled steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We also work with galvanealed steel, galvanized steel, and hot rolled steel. We can laser cut up to a 5' × 10' × 3/8" sheet of steel and 5' × 10' × 1/4" aluminum.

Design and Engineering

The engineers at Clark Metal Products use the latest 3D modeling systems, including industry standards, Pro-E, and SolidWorks. With these systems, we can accept a customer's 3D model files and quickly transform them into the flat layout drawings we use on our shop floor. We can also generate CNC programs within a few hours and can begin cutting, punching, and bending actual parts.

Our fully integrated ERP business system makes it easy for our engineering staff to import the manufacturing details from a quote and generate a detailed set of work instructions for our production personnel.

In addition to our state-of-the art systems, our engineers are continuously cross-trained and information is checked and double-checked so our shop floor has no doubt about each customer's order requirements. Error-proofing techniques are used to ensure that quality is built into each job we produce.


When you are trying to get a product to market, you need to move fast. Depending on the requirements, we can turn prototypes in a matter of days, not weeks. This enables your R&D team to have a working product in their hands to review and test. In the end, you beat your competition to market with new products.


Clark Metal Products has had over fifty years of manufacturing experience. Our modern equipment and facilities, coupled with a stable and experienced work force, enable us to quote competitively and maintain a high standard of workmanship. Clark Metal can offer a complete product – from fabrication and assembly, to finishing and screen printing – giving you the advantage of single-source purchasing.

Continual investments in the latest fabrication equipment allow us to be extremely efficient and cost-competitive. With a variety of CNC equipment, we keep our set-up times low and our productivity high.

Laser Cutting

Clark Metal has adopted laser cutting as our primary cutting technology. The flexibility of laser cutting allows us to maintain nearly equal production efficiencies on both short and long runs. As the first stage in our production process, in many ways the laser work center drives our lean manufacturing initiatives.

  • Sheet size up to 60" × 120"
  • Mild steel up to 3/8"
  • Aluminum up to 1/4"
  • Stainless steel up to 1/4"
Laser/Punch Technology

Clark Metal's laser/punch technology combines the benefits of punching and laser cutting in one machine. Standard shapes, such as square or round holes, are punched with a single stroke. The punching process is also the right technology for louvers and other forming operations. Secondary operations become unnecessary. The laser is the best solution for outer contours and unusual geometries that drive excessive tooling costs. In conjunction with our other machine tools, the laser/punch combination machine ensures total flexibility in our front-end processes.


Clark Metal's extensive fabrication capabilities are complemented by our Haas VF-4 CNC vertical machining center. With highly qualified programmers and machinists, our customers can be sure that their parts are produced cost effectively and on time.

Maximum Axis Travel: X = 52"; Y = 20"; Z = 25"
Maximum Workpiece Dimension: 50" × 18" × 15" High
Accuracy: Position: +/- .0002
Repeatability: +/- .0001

Metal Finishing

Our metal finishing department enables us to provide complete, finished products. Our pretreatment processes include iron phosphate for steel and MIL-DTL-5541 compliant iridite for aluminum. Clark Metal offers a complete line of final coatings, including conventional wet spray finishes, as well as powder coating.

Powder Coating

Clark Metal Products' powder coating department meets today's stringent demands for environmentally friendly product coatings. These baked-on finishes provide durability while meeting Clean Air Act requirements.

Value-added Operations

Clark Metal Products can also put the finishing touch on your product with in-house processes such as screen printing, product labeling, and mechanical assembly. These value-added operations help our customers reduce costs and lead-times, and manage product quality with a sole source supplier.


We have been asked to do a wide array of assembly tasks over the years. Whether it is basic hardware or more complex mechanical assembly, we have experienced assemblers that can save you time and money.

Screen Printing

Our graphics department is second to none when it comes to solving your product identification needs. We can do large, bold logos or tiny, intricate product notes and instructions. Simply provide the artwork you need and we can produce the screen and apply just about any ink color to make your product stand out from your competition. Our experienced staff can assist you in choosing the right ink color and ink type for your application.


As a cornerstone of our lean initiatives, kanban allows our customers to reduce inventory, shorten lead-times, and reduce procurement costs. Given our extensive experience in managing kanban systems with both our customers and suppliers, we have the flexibility to develop a system that meets your specific needs and the expertise to ensure successful execution. Contact our sales group to discuss the advantages of a kanban program and you will begin to see the savings right away.