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2018 - Green Accomplishments To Be Proud Of

January 23, 2019

Clark Metal experienced a 7 ton increase in recycling weights from 2017 to 2018.  Increased awareness and visibility of our recycling container locations helped maximize our efforts.  We are excited to “toot” our GREEN recycling totals.


In 2017, we diverted over 71 lbs. of plastic bottles from the landfill.  In 2018, we diverted 179 lbs.


Last year 15 tons did not make it to our landfill.  In 2018, we saved 19 tons.


Recycling efforts remained the same from 2017 to 2018 with 2.6 tons of office paper.  It’s feels great knowing we are saving trees, oil, landfill space, energy as well as water. 


Disposal of aluminum cans was at 27 lbs. in 2017, but we surpassed that number with 60 lbs. collected in 2018. 


Our weight in magazine recycling was drastically reduced due to our efforts to reduce the number of subscriptions with in our company.  Our solution – one subscription – one magazine - circulate one magazine to all key personnel resulting in less magazines to be recycled.

2017 – 1,433 lbs. to 576 lbs. in 2018.


From your coffee cup to using Styrofoam for packaging product we are thrilled to capture this material from hitting our environment.  Styrofoam is a lot like a plastic bag, it can sit in landfills for centuries and its toxic when burned.

Yearly total of 160 lbs.