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A Green Idea!

April 28, 2020

A Green idea!

Since the beginning of time, Clark Metal has always offered fresh hot coffee to its employees.  And over the years, we have encourage the staff to use mugs, glasses, water bottles versus disposables.  Last month, we implemented another green idea to the employees.  In lieu of plastic coffee stirrers we have purchased wooden coffee stirrers.  Not only did we reduce the amount of plastic going into the trash but we saved a few bucks as well.  Even the simplest changes can make a big difference.

Despite the challenges everyone is presently facing, Clark continues to collect cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, office paper and magazines.   Recycling is important to Clark and our planet.  Below are our recyclable totals for the month of March.

 Cardboard: 2,748 lbs.

Plastic: 16 lbs.

Office Paper:  267 lbs.

Magazines:  143 lbs.