Clark Metal Products Precision. Performance. Excellence.

Company Overview

Clark Metal Products helps companies successfully design and manufacture products. As an advanced manufacturing company and a proven leader in precision metal fabrication, our flexibility optimizes product designs, ensures product quality, reduces product costs, and gets you to market faster. We understand product development processes and technologies that you need to create exceptional products. We leverage our experience and investment in equipment and skilled workers to support your projects from design through implementation.

Precision. We are completely dedicated to craftsmanship and precision. Our team of engineers, fabricators, machinists, and finishers provide a complete range of services including design and prototyping assistance, cost reduction solutions, custom fabrication, machining, finishing and screen printing, and inventory management solutions.

Performance. We strive for continuous improvement through enhanced performance. Our ISO 9001 certification guarantees total quality of our products and services. Our focus on new technology, efficient manufacturing processes, and customer service innovations delivers outstanding service and value.

Excellence. We have expanded our family business and achieved over 60 years of excellence. Today, we help companies design and build successful products. From our headquarters near Pittsburgh, PA, we provide cost-effective solutions, quality products, value-added services and on-time delivery to companies in a wide range of industries including electronics, medical equipment, robotics, testing and instrumentation, and transportation.