Clark Metal Products Precision. Performance. Excellence.

Our Philosophy

Our Business Policy:  CMP continually strives to be a world-class organization. Through integrity, experience and technology we will exceed our customers' expectations of quality, service and delivery and endeavor to promote the well being of our employees and the community. 

The Clark Metal Product's management team places equal emphasis on customers and employees. We know one cannot exist without the other. Customer service is diligently measured by quality and delivery metrics, as well as annual customer surveys. Continuous improvement activities ensure that waste is minimized and costs are kept down.

For our valued employees, we offer numerous opportunities for development. Our training and mentoring programs allow employees to enrich many aspects of their lives, not just their current job position. Future leaders are continually being identified and groomed to advance within the company. Managers are encouraged to ask questions rather than simply give orders, which empower our employees to come up with their own solutions to challenges. And personalized orientations for new hires, peer recognition programs, small-group quarterly meetings, annual celebrations, and a profit-sharing bonus program all work to create excellent employee relations.

Guided by a continuous improvement mentality, the Clark management team is never satisfied. We set annual business objectives and relentlessly monitor these metrics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These objectives go well beyond the typical cost, delivery, and quality measures. We track safety, training, and community service metrics as well.

All together, these efforts keep us aligned with our business policy and focused on fulfilling our mission.